Planning a Summer Birthday Surprise Party


There's so many with birthdays in the month of August, and what better way to celebrate the life of someone you love and show you care than by throwing them a summer birthday surprise party? Not sure where to start? That's okay! Here at Flowers by Amber in Igo, CA, we've put together a guide to help you plan the best summer birthday surprise party ever! Your guests won't be able to stop talking about it!

Planning the summer birthday surprise party and still want to give a gift? Send your friend the Birthday Flower Cake Arrangement! Nothing says "happy birthday" like this arrangement does. Designed to imitate a real cake, this arrangement has beautiful red roses, carnations and hypericum. The birthday girl is sure to love it, and it could even double as a stunning centerpiece for the surprise party that all your guests will admire.

When planning any party, it is essential you decide on a theme. While you have already decided the party will be a surprise party, you now need to think about the birthday girl and what her interests are. If she's athletic, incorporate sports into the décor, if she loves animals, decorate with animal print; there are endless possibilities. The most important thing to remember is the party is for her so think about her when planning it.

It's time to send out invitations! When creating the invitations, stick to the theme you have chosen, you will want to incorporate the theme into as much as you can, but particularly on the invitation so guests will know how to dress. Since this is a summer birthday surprise party, be sure to make it clear on the invitations that it is a surprise party and emphasize the importance of arriving on time so as not to spoil the surprise. Make sure to also tell everyone to keep it a secret.

We know planning a birthday party is stressful enough and planning a summer birthday surprise party is even more stressful. That being said, our team at Flowers by Amber in Igo, CA. work our hardest to provide you with all the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources we have to ensure your planning and event go as smoothly as possible. We hope you found our guide to be useful and stir up some summer birthday surprise party ideas!

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