Wedding Planning for the Couple on a Budget

Planning a wedding can be both one of the best and the most stressful times in a couple’s life. Budgeting is one of the most crucial and annoying parts of wedding planning. Although the process can be extensive, the result is well worth it. Our florists at Flowers by Amber in Redding, CA, are here to help with some useful tips.

Our 1-800-Flowers Pink And White Personal Package is a beautiful collection of wedding flowers. Don’t stress over the minor details because this package offers flowers that will make any wedding more beautiful. We are here to help you make wedding planning easier with the perfect wedding flowers for the big day.

Venues are often the place where the most money is spent when planning for a wedding. Having your wedding at a public park, public beach or even at a friend's home can save you big when budgeting for a wedding. When you take away the cost of a venue, it is a major step towards planning an affordable wedding. It gives you more wiggle room when it comes to décor or even your honeymoon budget.

Control your floral budget. Talk with us about what type of flowers you are looking for. If they don’t fit well with your budget, talk with us about alternatives. Flowers convey meaning, and different flowers deliver different looks. Set your floral budget and be open to changes. Wedding flowers are an important part of a wedding day. Flexible floral choices open the door to more affordable wedding planning.

Enjoy the moment and preserve the memories. Your wedding is just a day, but your marriage is for the rest of your lives together. Our florists at Flowers by Amber in Redding, CA, are here to help make wedding planning easier by creating the perfect flower arrangements for the big day. No stress included.


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